Dick Cross

Who Builds America?

The ease with which big business — our legacy base — now moves globally seeking lower costs means new anchor points for the US economy.  One of these could be a blooming of lower and mid-tier enterprise, which with the right support could more than occupy the places of  our historical mainstays. However, there’s…

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What Can People Running Businesses Learn From Tim Tebow?

Even the media is having a hard time figuring it out these days.  The mystique of Tim Tebow.  He’s a collection of attributes that falls so far beyond the mold for what we expect in star quality professional athletes that we question his persona.  Particularly as an NFL quarterback!  He simply doesn’t match the…

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Character at the Top

As a young consultant in the 1980’s a revelation rocked me.  By that time in my career I’d been deep inside of roughly 50 mid-tier businesses.  And through the course of those assignments I’d had spent extensive time with the key members of the executive teams and had gotten to know their CEO’s. The revelation was…

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