60-Minute CEO book cover60-Minute CEO: Mastering Leadership an Hour at a Time
Published April 15, 2014

Looking toward the C-suite? Take heed. Author and serial CEO Dick Cross pulls back the curtain on this top leadership role, explaining in his new book that being a successful leader, running a business, and doing it extraordinarily well isn’t a full-time job.
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Jus Run It! book coverJust Run It! Running Your Business Is Easier Than You Think
The growth engine of the American economy is no longer asset intensive, semi-skilled manufacturing, but rather resides in a proliferation of lower and mid-tier enterprises. In America alone, a half million new businesses crop up each year. Unfortunately, fewer than 50% survive through five years. Only ten percent through ten. And the majority of the remainder fail to reach anything close to their full potentials. Not due to a lack of ingenuity, initiative, or even capital.
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