The Work

Since 1991, Cross Partnership has guaranteed performance improvement to businesses through consulting, advisory and interim president services.

Clients include private equity, venture capital, family office, public and independent owners seeking significant strategic, operational and financial gains … fast.

As individuals or in pairs we temporarily “join” a C-level team as a catalytic agent.  We work only with the sponsorship of owners or their boards.  Typical assignments are completed in weeks, not months.

Cross Renewal Model

We also offer formal training programs to spread the principles of our work at C-levels throughout organizations.

The practice is focused narrowly on improving the effectiveness of executive functions and is anchored in a proprietary framework and method for doing the job at the top, refined over two and a half decades and described in Just Run It!  Since its inception, this method has never failed to improve the performance of client companies, and has underpinned numerous strategic and financial reversals in both private and public situations.

The Training

Just about everyone reports practical improvements in their skills in running their companies from their first reading of Just Run It!  Others see it as a reference they pick up and start re-reading just about anywhere once they have worked front-to-back for the first time.

For still others, the book sparks a passion to become more fully immersed in its philosophies and in its methods.  Just Run It! Training Experiences address exactly those aspirations.

Just Run It! Training Experiences come in two flavors: one for people seeking to hone their skills in running their own organizations.  And another for people wanting to attain certification as consultants and coaches to others in the methods.

The Just Run It! Training Experience for Owners/CEO’s

A minimum of 9 and a maximum of 18 business leaders gather for a day and-a-half intensive training and exercise session with Dick Cross and the Cross Partnership Training staff.   Participants leave with their own loose leaf Just Run It! business books that they have constructed for their particular businesses over the session.

Classes are generally composed of independent business owners, but the format also works for groups of franchisees, for groups of CEO’s of businesses under the same Private Equity or Venture Capital ownership, and for groups of general managers of different businesses under common corporate ownership.

The Just Run It! Training Experience for Certified Coaches

30 million small and mid-tier businesses in America is a lot of ground to cover.  And Just Run It! can make a positive contribution to most of them.  If you are an existing consultant, coach or business service provider you may meet the qualifications to become a certified Just Run It! business advisor.

The program has stringent qualifications requirements and involves a series of four, day-and-a-half long sessions and testing over a six-month time frame with continuous learning and recertification requirements.

Interested in hiring Cross for your own Training Experience? Learn more by contacting him here.

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