The People

Cross Partnership principals and engagement leaders are more than just theorists or advisors – they are experienced executives that have met and solved many of the challenges C-level leaders are facing today.  They provide those with The Job At The Top with candid, confidential recommendations to improve strategic, operational and financial performance.

Lead Principals have excelled in four areas:

  • CEOs of investor-owned companies
  • Corporate board members and officers
  • Principals in private equity funds
  • High-influence, results-driven advisors to those above

CEOs, private equity investors, and company owners prefer working with the Cross Partnership because they help achieve greater buy-in from the leadership team while driving results.  Adversarial relationships with Company leadership are the domain of other firms.

Dick Cross

The founder, 8-time turnaround CEO and two time private equity partner, Dick brings perspectives of both an executive in the role at the top and an investor/owner to his consulting and speaking work with financial and independent business owners.

  • Developed Harvard Mid- Course
  • Corporate chairman and director
  • Best-selling author:
  • University of Virginia, Harvard University,
    Columbia Business School

Patrick Morin

Patrick is an experienced CEO, strategist, and recognized thought leader on building high- performance organizations – especially those that want to be more sales and marketing-driven. Medical, financial, real estate, manufacturing, and government organizations have repeatedly engaged him to help formulate strategy, retool cultures, and drive results.

  • 15-year consulting principal and 2-time turnaround CEO
  • Top-ranked executive trainer, speaker, and business columnist
  • Experienced officer of a NYSE-traded company and private equity partner
  • State University of New York

Sue Lonergan

Sue Lonergan

For 25 years Sue has held a leadership role
among entrepreneurial teams successfully
launching and re-directing organizations,
products and services with a focus on corporate
culture and  internal / external communications.

  • Communications / Branding / Marketing Strategist
  • For Profit and Not for Profit
  • Public Speaker

Marc Wey

Marc is a 20-year executive consulting principal, past sales and marketing executive and past institutional trader. Marc delivers incisive advice on organizational, operational and strategic matters in both private and public sectors.

  • CEO coach
  • Franchise owner
  • Université de Geneve
  • Fluent in English, French, German & Portuguese

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