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January 2015

1.07.2015: Feature: What You Can Learn From a 9x Turnaround CEO: Forbes

October 2014:

10.2014: Excerpt: Book It: Directors & Boards

10.10.2014: Excerpt: Org Charts – Flip the Pyramid: Training Magazine

10.22.2014: Webinar: The New Architecture for ‘The Job at the Top’:

September 2014

9.01.2014: Article: Be the Lore: AutoInc.

August 2014:

8.01.2014: Article: Creating Loyalty for Success: AutoInc.

June 2014

6.09.2014: Interview: CEO Dads Manage With Top Strategy Investors Business Daily

April 2014:

4.26.2014: Review: 60-Minute CEO: Dallas News (Jim Pawlak)

4.24.2014: Excerpt: 60-Minute CEO: Globe and Mail

4.23.2013: Interview: 60-Minute CEO: Financial Spectrum

February 2014

2.2014: Feature Article: Transformation Starts at the Top: AutoInc.

2.21.2014: Guest Post: Continuous Turnaround:

2.07.2014: Guest Post: Go For Broke!:

January 2014

1.2014: Feature Article: Living the Code: AutoInc.

1.17.2014: Guest Post: Duty Versus Responsibility:

December 2013

12.27.2013: Guest Post: Tri-Focal Goggles for Greatness:

12.13.2013: Guest Post: The “L” Word:

12.09.2013: Guest Post: Courtesy, Humility, & Unselfishness: Lendio

November 2013

11.22.2013: Guest Post: Be the Lore:

11.08.2013: Guest Post: Kill Your Culture!:

October 2013

10.28.2013: Guest Post: Some Frogs Never Die:

10.07.2013: Guest Post: “Strategy and Execution” Lendio

10.04.2013: Guest Post: “Leadership is an Inside Job”

September 2013

9.2013: Guest Post: “ I Hate Pyramids” Collision Repair Magazine

9.18.2013: Guest Post: “Activity beats execution” CPBJ

9.09.2013: Guest Post: “Mission-Driven Business” Lendio

9.06.2013: Guest Post: “Your ‘Uber’ Weapon? Emulation!”

9.03.2013: Guest Post: “Who Motivates the Motivator?” Lendio

August 2013

8.23.2013: Guest Post: “Character at the top” CPBJ

8.20.2013: Mention: “Leadership With A Capital L” Forbes

8.12.2013 Guest Post: “Social Media and Your Job at the Top” Lendio

July 2013

7.31.2013: Guest Post: “Ask Binary Questions” Lendio

7.24.2013 Guest Post: “Get Knocked Down…” Lendio

7.23.2013 Guest Post: “Trifocal Lenses” Lehigh Valley Business

7.19.2013 Guest Post: “The answers aren’t in the numbers!”

7.15.2013 Mention: “It’s Bad Behavior that Causes Leaders to Fail” Lendio

7.12.2013 Guest Post: “The average and the exceptional” CPBJ

7.08.2013 Guest Post: “You Business on the Back of an Envelope!” Lendio

7.01.2013 Mention: “If Employees Don’t Fit…” Lendio

7.01.2013 Guest Post: “The Back of an Envelope!” AutoInc. Online

June 2013

6.25.2013 Guest Post: “NUMBER ONE Question…” Lendio

6.18.2013 Guest Post: “With You! With You! With You!” Lendio

6.14.2013 Event: Virginia Council of CEOs Quarterly Luncheon with Dick Cross

6.13.2013 Guest Post: “It’s Not Your Products, Dummy!”

6.10.2013 Guest Post: “Moments of Truth” Lendio

May 2013

5.31.2013 Guest Post: “A Conspiracy of Help” CPBJ

5.31.2013 Guest Post: “What Your Customers Want”

5.23.2013 Guest Post: “The Thank You Lunch” Lendio

5.21.2013 Guest Post: “Kill Your Culture!” CPBJ

5.17.2013 Guest Post: “Infecting Your Team”

5.14.2013 Guest Post: “What Do You Do?” Lendio

5.08.2013 Mention: “Who Do You Fire First?” Forbes

5.06.2013 Guest Post: “Courage, Not Fear” Lendio

April 2013

4.30.2013 Mention: “Are Your Employees About to Explode?” Forbes

4.29.2013 AIM 2013 Conference (Huntington Beach, California)

4.29.2013 Guest Post: “Do you have an ‘A’ List?” Lendio

4.26.2013 Guest Post: “Character Counts… A Lot!”

4.25-26.2013 Automated Logic Annual Conference (Amelia Island, Florida)

4.23.2013 Guest Post: “Fierceness Isn’t Measured in Inches” Lendio

4.19.2013 Live Chat: Business Advice CPBJ

4.18.2013 EPMI Keynote (Oakland, California)

4.16.2013 Guest Post: “Answers aren’t in the numbers” CPBJ

4.16.2013 Guest Post: “Yes” or No”? Lendio

4.12.2013 Event: “Live #businessfuel Tweet chat” Twitter

4.09.2013 Guest Post: “Hire Higher” Lendio

4.08.2013 Gust Post: “Flip the Pyramid” Lendio

4.05.2013 Guest Post: “Infecting Your Team”

4.02.2013 Guest Post: “Flip the Pyramid!” AutoInc. Online

4.02.2013 Guest Post: “Opportunity Cost” Lendio

March 2013

3.30.2013 Guest Post: “Stand up” CPBJ

3.28.2013 Guest Post: “Selling like a CEO” Lendio

3. 26.2013 Guest Post: “Handle Objections Like a Pro” Lendio

3.26.2013 Guest Post: “What you customers want… right now” CPBJ

3.20.2013 Guest Post: “‘Infecting’ Your Team” CPBJ

3.19.2013 Guest Post: “The Hottest Cold Call” Lendio

3.16.2013 Event: HHHunt Keynote (Blacksburg, Virginia)

3.17.2013 Event: New River Valley Apartment Council Keynote

3.12.2013 Guest Post: “Are You the CEO of Your Territory?” Lendio

3.05.2013 Guest Post: “How Much Does Character Count?” CPBJ

3.05.2013 Guest Post: “Just Sayin’” CPBJ

3.04.2013 Guest Post: “Don’t Focus on the Past” Lendio

3.01.2013 Guest Post: “The Back of an Envelope!”

February 2013

2.26.2013 Review: “3 Signs You’re an Authentic Leader” The Self Employed

2.19.2013 Guest Post: “Calling all CEOs” CPBJ

2.15.2013 Guest Post: “Want results?” CPBJ

2.05.2013 Featured: “Without It, No Real Success is Possible” Forbes

2.04.2013 Guest Post: “Are You an Authentic Leader?” Lendio

2.01.2013 Guest Post: “Authenticity”

2.01.2013 Guest Post: “The path to better’” CPBJ

January 2013

1.23.2013 Guest Post: “Surround yourself with the best” CPBJ

1.15.2013 Guest Post: “The Greatest Question Never Asked?”

1.14.2013 Guest Post: “Keep the spotlight on your clients” CPBJ

December 2012

12.10.2012 Guest Post: “Need Help with the ‘Job at the Top?’”

12.07.2012 Featured: “9 Crippling Mistakes CEOs Make” Forbes

November 2012

11.15.2012 Guest Post: “Taking a leadership lesson from history” CPBJ

October 2012

10.31.2012 Guest Post: “A lunch worth paying for” CPBJ

10.10.2012 Guest Post: “An education in candor” CPBJ

September 2012

09.26.2012 Guest Post: “A calculated future” CPBJ

9.11.2012 Guest Post: “Sales lessons from the kitchen” CPBJ

August 2012

8.23.2012 Guest Post: “Ready for a black belt in sales?” CPBJ

8.13.2012 Guest Post: “Learn how other departments are ‘with you’” CPBJ

July 2012

July 2012 Featured: “Top 5 Mistakes Business Owners Make” The Costco Connection

7.30.2013 Guest Post: “What does a testimonial look like?” CPBJ

7.24.2013 Guest Post: “Know and love what you’re selling” CPBJ

7.16.2013 Guest Post: “Learning humility and perseverance” CPBJ

7.11.2013 Guest Post: “A better answer to, ‘What do you do?’” CPBJ

7.10.2012 Interview with Wayne Hurlburt on BlogTalkRadio

7.02.2012 Guest Post: “Don’t race to the close with false claims” CPBJ

June 2012

Summer 2012 Guest Post: “Who Leads? Who Follows?” The Conference Board Review

6.22.2012 Guest Post: “What hitchhikers teach us about sales” CPBJ

6.15.2012 Guest Post: “Be the CEO of your territory” CPBJ

6.11.2012 Guest Post: “Back up claims in your pitch with facts” CPBJ

6.01.2012 Guest Post: Achieve more in less time with periodization” CPBJ

May 2012

5.25.2012 Guest Post: “Flying directly into the storm” CPBJ

5.21.2012 Review and Excerpt: “How to Motivate Employees?” Inc.

5.11.2012 Guest Post: “Avoiding the knowledge sewer” CPBJ

5.07.2012 Video Interview with Peter Propp “How to be a CEO” Shore Communications

5.04.2012 Guest Post: “Inspiring the inspiration” CPBJ

April 2012

4.27.2012 Guest Post: “The real A-list” CPBJ

4.13.2012 Guest Post: “Avoiding a network of nothing” CPBJ

4.11.2012 Guest Post: “How Do You Run a Company?”

4.10.2012 Mention and Quote: “Your Biggest Work Mistakes” Chicago Tribune

4.05.2012 Review: “Seize Surefire Strategies…”

4.05.2012 Guest Post: “Buy-in vs. performance” CPBJ

March 2012

3.30.2012 Guest Post: “Stand up” CPBJ

3.28.2012 Interview: “10 Key Insights from Dick Cross” 33Voices

3.23.2012 Guest Post: “Business Berlitz” CPBJ

3.16.2012 Guest Post: “Before you start your engines” CPBJ

3.09.2012 Guest Post: “A little knowledge” CPBJ

3.02.2012 Guest Post: “Objection? Yeah, maybe.” CPBJ

February 2012

2.29.2012 Guest Post: “The Key to Driving More Business” AMEX Open Forum

2.24.2012 Guest Post: “Your binary code” CPBJ

2.16.2012 Guest Post: “Successful hiring: You get what you ask for” CPBJ

2.10.2012 Guest Post: “The best cold call ever” CPBJ

2.02.2012 Guest Post: “How do you build confidence? CPBJ

2.01.2012 Guest Post: “Authenticity”

January 2012

1.10.2012 Guest Post: “Should You Dump Email?” AMEX Open Forum

December 2011

12.12.2011 Review: “Just Run It!” Publishers Weekly



How to be a CEO


7.08.2014: Podcast: Sledgehammers for Loyalty: Lendio

6.12.2014: Podcast: Everything You Know About Teams Could Be Wrong: Lendio

5.13.2014: Podcast: What Business Can Learn From Eastern Medicine: Lendio

4.28.2014: Interview: 60-Minute CEO: KPCW Money Mountain

4.23.2013: Interview: 60-Minute CEOFinancial Spectrum

4.10.2014: Podcast: Answering to a Higher Calling: Lendio

3.11.2014: Podcast: Transformation Starts at the Top: Lendio

2.11.2014: Podcast: Three Traits that Make a Great CEO: Lendio

12.10.2013: Podcast: Courtesy, Humility, & Unselfishness: Lendio

11.12.2013: Podcast: Character Counts: Lendio

10.8.2013: Podcast: Thinking & Strategy: Lendio

9.10.2013: Podcast: “The Mission Driven Business” Lendio

8.14.2013: Podcast: “The Social Media Role of the CIO” Lendio

8.06.2013: Podcast: “Fostering Sales Resiliency” Lendio

7.09.2013 Podcast: “Your Business on the Back of an Envelope!” Lendio

6.11.2013 Podcast: “Moments of Truth” Lendio

5.07.2013 Podcast: “Dope Slap Yourself!” Lendio

4.30.2013 Podcast Interview: “Pay Me –Maybe” Lendio

3.12.2013 Podcast: “Volunteers, Not Employees” Lendio

3.05.2013 Podcast: “Don’t Look Back” Lendio

2.11.2013 Full Interview: “5 Minutes with Dick Cross”

2.05.2013 Podcast: “The Phony Meter” Lendio

2.08.2013 Interview Excerpt: “5 Minutes with Dick Cross”

10.11.2012 Interview: with Fender Bender Live

8.20.2012 Podcast: “Just Run It!” Lendio

7.10.2012 Interview: with Wayne Hurlbert on blogtalkradio

5.07.2012 Interview: “How to be a CEO” 10 Minute Strategy

3.28.2012 Interview: “10 Key Insights from Dick Cross” 33Voices


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